Project: CIVEA Awareness Campaign 

Client: CIVEA (Chamber of the Venezuelan Industry of Alcoholic Species)

Agency: Equis 

The challenge: Create an awareness campaign to reduce/stop excessive alcohol consumption among different targets, mainly focused on young consumers.

The solution: A highly visually relatable campaign that resonated with a young audience, highlighting the consequences that elevated alcohol consumption could produce in pregnancy, driving, behaviour and ultimately the loss of life.

The campaign involved brand identity development, creative concepts conceptualization, photography production and orchestration of a cross-channel offline and online launch; the campaign was also used as a bottom-line tagline for other liquor ads, and direct warning stickers on products, reaching further exposure.

Copy: All the excesses hurt …Alcohol is one of them!

Against excess. Stop and Think

Copy: Many factors could affect your pregnancy …Alcohol is one of them!

If you are pregnant. Stop and Think

Copy: Many factors can uncontrol your driving …Alcohol is one of them!

If you are going to drive. Stop and Think

Copy: Many things could risk your future …Alcohol is one of them!

If you are under 18. Stop and Think

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